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John Tower(1), the son of Robert and Dorothy (Damon) Tower, was born in the parish of Hingham, county of Norfolk, in the eastern part of England, May 14, 1609. Records show that he was baptized May 17, 1609.

The year 1637 John Tower(1), and his friend Samuel Lincoln emigrated from Old Hingham, England to Boston, Massachusetts, by ship, a voyage that took eleven and one half weeks. After disembarking in Boston, John and Samuel traveled together by horseback to Hingham, Massachusetts, where they both settled.

John Tower(1) married Margaret Ibrook, February 13, 1638-9. Ten children were the result of this union. John Tower(1) and his sons fought in the King Phillip was and other wars of their time with the Indians.
John Tower(1), died in Hingham, Mass., Febuary 13, 1701-2, at the ripe age of 92 years. During his long life he filled many positions of trust and responsibility and became a man of considerable wealth for his time.untitled

This history of John and Margaret is extremely abbreviated. You can find more information in Genealogy of the Descendants of John Tower, Published 1891, by Charlemagne Tower. 

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