Tower Genealogical Society, Inc. General News

Wonderful opportunity to become involved!

TGS needs members/volunteers to fill vacant board member slots within the organization.

The Tower Genealogical Society is run by volunteers.  We are grateful for the few members that  have stepped forward and volunteered.  But, many more members / volunteers are needed.  Do you happen to have skills or talents that would be helpful to TGS?  Then please consider volunteering....

The next TGS Tower Talk newsletter is under development.

Please feel free to send in contributions for either or both the TGS newsletter or Website.  Stories, articles, pictures, reunion notices or articles, birth or marriage notices and yes, even death notices.

For any questions regarding volunteer/board member positions or submission to the newsletter please contact any of the listed TGS Officers or board members, on this website.

For submission to the website please contact: Janine.  Thank you for your attention to this matter!

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